Process of undergoing gradual growth, change, and evolution.

Evolve Resource Partners

Diane Lynsky, Founder and President of Evolve Resource Partners, LLC, is a life-long wellness advocate.   With decades of experience as a Registered Nurse specializing in trauma, education, quality, and mentoring she has turned her attention to partnering with individuals and organizations.  Evolve Resource Partner’s aim is to create resources that support growth and the evolution of individuals and organizations.  Evolve Resource Partners specializes in the creation of unique, customized printed logbooks and journals to facilitate growth and support the journey. 

The guiding principle is to leave the world better than we found it and always to pay it forward.  We are committed to supporting organizations that work to protect water, river access, and wildlife habitat. Please join us by visiting websites of groups such as American Whitewater, American Rivers, Waterkeeper Alliance, or similar organizations. Review the work they are doing and consider supporting or getting involved with their efforts to safeguard clean water and rivers.

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